Fun, crazy, relaxing weekend

     My weekend has been, well, read the title...

     On Friday night Mom and Dad sanded the apartment floor.  They were up until 11:30 doing it. The sander that they used made a lot of smoke too, so the fire alarm was going off for 4 hours straight.  It was loud... Also, there was tons of dust that was going EVERYWHERE! It looked like 9/11 just happened in there... there was a lot more dust than what this picture shows.

     On Saturday, I woke up at about 9, ate some fruit and granola cereal, and helped in the apartment.  I learned how to drill screws in to the floor (!!!), which was pretty comical at some points because the drill was very overpowering and it kept running off the screws... hey, it was my first time!... Don't worry, it's okay if you laugh, I did.  Then I learned how to use a staple gun.  That experience went a lot better then the drill...

     We worked on tar papering the floor to get ready for laying the hardwood.  In the afternoon Jordan (who got her wisdom teeth taken out the day before) came over to help.  After milking we debated on wether or not to go to the strawberry festival, but decided against it since it looked liked it was going to rain and because we were all tired.  So Noah and Jordan went to town and got a movie, hard stuff (pop), and some pizza...   After we ate, I put on my bridesmaid dress and shoes and Noah put on his attire for the wedding, so my mom could see what the suit and the dress looked like together. The dress fit pretty well, but the shoes aren't really comfortable.  I guess I'll live, but I promise you, I will be taking them off right when we get to the reception!

Aren't we awesome???

     On Sunday we went to church, had left over pizza for lunch, and then there was a storm.  I wanted to try to get some pictures of a lightning strike so I went outside with my camera.  I didn't get a picture of a lightning strike, but I did get a picture of something else... I wasn't positive that it was a tornado at first so I watched it a little bit longer then yelled for everybody to come out.  By the time they came out it was going back into the sky, so they didn't see much of it, but I showed them the pictures. :)  It was so amazing to see the tornado get larger then weaken and go back into the sky.  If it were closer I would have been freaked out of my mind, but I knew that it pretty far away.  After that happened, we just stood on the porch and watched the sky.  There were three different spots where the clouds were circling around each other, but they never got strong enough to actually form anything.  It was scary, beautiful, and amazing all at the same time.

Later on, after milking, we went to Jordan's parents for supper.  After eating way to much (the fresh fruit was mouthwatering...) we played clue, which I had never ever ever played in. my. life.   That game is now my favorite, just so you know. :)

I think that about sums up my weekend in a lot of words.  What did you do last weekend?



Freelens photos

I have been hearing a lot lately of freelensing, so I really wanted to try it out!   I still need a lot of practice with it, but wanted to share some of the pictures that I have taken so far.  :)

 This week has been very busy with getting the apartment done.  I don't know if you know this or not, but my brother and future sister-in-law are going to move into an apartment that we have built on top of our new barn addiction when they get married... which is coming up very fast.  Right now we are working on getting the floors done.  Yes, we have 23 days until they're wedding and we are just now about to start putting the flooring down...  The good thing is, is that we are seeing the end.  The cabinets are going up, the bathroom is finished, and just a few (BIG) things are left to do.

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Confession:  I'm afraid of the dark, but no, that does not mean that I sleep with a night light.

Confession:  I can't get enough of "I Love Lucy"!!!

Confession:  I hate the sound of scratching on a chalkboard...

Confession:  I LOVE this bouquet that my mom made.  She has a little florist business and this bouquet  is from a wedding that she did last weekend.  Isn't it bea-u-tiful?

Confession:  I have never been to a beach.  Well, I have been once, but I was only like one and I don't remember it, so it doesn't count.

Confession:  I have been reading Great Expectations for about 4 months.  Yep, it's taking me awhile...

Confession:  I got up at 6 o'clock in the morning on Saturday just to take pictures. :)  What do you think?

this one is my dad's favorite.

Confession:  I don't like chinese food.

Confession:  My brother's wedding is in 27 days!!!

Confession:  I don't like swimming.  I don't know why though...

Confession:  I had a Barbie themed part for my 5th birthday.  It was pretty awesome!

My friend Alyssa and I
Post idea from here

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Kite pictures and Trampoline Jumping! 2 posts in 1

Yellow (hello)!  What have you done this week?... Me?  Well, let me tell you...

Last Monday, Isaac came down the stairs with his oh-so-fancy kite and went out the door.  I couldn't resist, so I grabbed my camera and ran after him... It was really fun taking pictures of the kite flying.  I tried to take a video of it, but kept losing the kite on the screen... so... I deleted it.

 One time the kite about hit me!   I was looking through my camera lens and noticed that I didn't see the kite anywhere in the sky (the sun was so bright it was hard to see sometimes), then all of the sudden, I heard something go right over my head.  After it happened, Isaac said that it looked like it was about a foot from my head...  It would have been pretty funny if it actually did hit me on the head though.  Well, maybe not, it probably would have hurt...
Anyway, let me show you some pictures!

On Tuesday I thought it would be cool to take pictures of Lydia jumping on the trampoline, so after a little convincing, she came out.  As a reward for her modeling, I let her take pictures of me!  She was pretty excited about it...   After we were done I went through the pictures and deleted 120 of them!  We took a lot, considering we were only out there for 20 minutes. Then on Wednesday I took some more of her on the trampoline...   What can I say?  I like taking pictures!  

I didn't think I was making that stupid of a face at the time...

Pictures from Wednesday.

she looks like she is on a roller coaster!...

Have a good weekend!

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Almond Joys anyone? (recipe)

 I've been making these "Almond Joys" for a while and very frequently I must add.  I first started making them by dipping the coconut in the chocolate, but that took too long and I couldn't get the chocolate layer thin enough.  Even though these "Almond Joy" bars don't look a lot like the candies that you buy in the store, it is a easier to make them this way and they still taste like the real stuff.

Almond Joys      recipe by moi  

2 1/2 (17 1/2 oz. all together) bags grated coconut (you want to make sure that you get the grated coconut because that is what they use in the candy bars.)
3/4 c. powdered sugar
3/4 c. corn syrup
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1/4 tsp. almond extract
6 oz. milk chocolate chips (if you would like it to be more like mounds, use dark chocolate.)

the difference between flaked and grated coconut
Start by mixing the coconut, powdered sugar, corn syrup, vanilla extract, and almond extract in a large bowl with a wooden spoon.

Keep mixing until the coconut is all compact together, like this.

Spread the coconut mixture in a 9'13 pan using your wooden spoon.  If you have a problem with the coconut sticking to the spoon, dip the spoon in water then spread.

Melt the chocolate in a sauce pan on low heat.  Spread the chocolate evenly over the top of the coconut mixture.  Place the almonds on top.  Put them in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes to let them set before you eat them... it might be the longest 20 minutes of your life...

my joys and I!

Isaac liked them...

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