Photo Shoot in The Woods

After church on Sunday I had my friend Shelby over to stay the night.  It was so fun!  We watched some "Dick Van Dick", "I Love Lucy", had a bonfire in windy 50 degree weather, ate amazing homemade ice cream, chocolate sauce ( I'll share the recipe the next time we make it), with brownies, and went to our woods.  Here are some pictures from the trip to the woods!

P.S.  Have a good weekend!  We're celebrating my dads birthday tomorrow. :)


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What I Wore: Color blocking

                         Sandals: Payless   Skirt: Plato's Closet,   Cami: Kohls,   Shirt: hand-me-down,   Cardigan: Jcrew,  Bracelet: gifted, 

Oh, how I love color blocking. :)      
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Photo Friday... Asparagus

A couple of days ago I picked some asparagus from our garden for supper.  It was so amazing!!  I cooked it with a little bit of honey (I seem to be putting honey in everything lately...) and some parmesan cheese.  YUM! Pin It


The Last of the Apple Blossoms

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Shoe finds!

Last Friday my mom and I went shopping.  Lets just say I scored in the shoe department. :)  We went to a thrift store and I got some awesome looking shoes.  They are so comfortable and they were $5 + 50% off = $2.50!!!   The nude heels we found at JCPenny's.  I had been looking for shoes like them for my brothers wedding in July. :)   I got the sandals from Payless and they are amazingly comfortable.  I think it was a very successful trip. :)

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Color Blocking

One of my favorite "trends" this year is color blocking.  I love how clean, simple, and modern it looks.   Even thought I haven't tried it, I am most certainly going to.  What do you think of color blocking?

Have a good night! :)

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Photos from my trip

Flying was so much fun on my trip to NC!

Taking a walk

He just had to roll his car on the fence the whole way...

Playing at the park...

As you can probably tell, towards the end of the little trip Sebastian (Seb) was getting tired...

One afternoon we went to the Duke Gardens.  It was so pretty!

While we were there Sebastian learned how to say fish, although it sounded more like "ish".

Another day Seb got his haircut.  He didn't like it, but it helped when he was offered pretzels and a movie.

Flying home...

The view from the airport...  We had to stop in DC for 3 hours, but it was longer since our flight kept getting delayed.  It was a little boring.  It got better when my mom pulled out some Nerd Bumpy Jelly Beans.  BTW, they are the BEST jelly beans ever!

Finally flying again...

My dad, Isaac, and Lydia picked us up from the Columbus airport and we headed for Holmes County   for a visit.  We usually go up there at least once a year.

 How was your week?  I hope yours was as good as mine. :)  Have a good Easter!  We are going to start our Easter extravaganza soon!  I'll tell you what it is later... :) 
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