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Decadent Iced Latte recipe

So, do you know what my new favorite drink is?  Iced coffee.  It is purely amazing.  This was my first time making it, and actually trying it.  Terrible right? Well, I new that this summer I just had to make and try iced coffee.  Today was hot and just seemed like the perfect day for a nice cool treat, so I got to work at figuring out my flavors and writing down the recipe as I went along.


and oh my gosh, this iced coffee turned out amazing.

The sweet whipped cream made an awesome film on top and balanced out the bitter coffee to make a lovely combo. Oh, and you can't forget the chocolate on top! This made the iced coffee even more decedent than it already was... and made it look pretty. Defiantly going to be making this iced coffee more this summer for my coffee loving siblings.    

Iced Coffee  serves two
3 cups brewed coffee

1 cup cream
4 Tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp cocoa powder
1 Tbsp real maple syrup

2 Tbsp chocolate syrup

Fill 8 icecube molds of a tray and put in the freezer.  It will take roughly 2 hours for the coffee cubes to freeze, so try to be patient (I know, I know, it's very hard).  Put the rest of the coffee in the fridge.

After the coffee cubes are almost ready, you can start to had the cream, brown sugar, cocoa powder, and maple syrup in a bowl.  Whisk the mixture very vigorously for two minutes (your arm might get a little tired, but it's good for you).  The mixture should be frothy and light.  Divide the coffee cubes between two glasses, pour the coffee overtop, then the cream mixture on top of that.  Now watch, some of the cream mixture will sink to the bottom, this is my favorite part...  Now, for the finishing touches, drizzle the chocolate syrup and sprinkle some brown sugar on top.  There you have it, a decedent treat for the heat.   

P.S. My frequent coffee taste tester/sister-in-law, Jordan, commented on how much the whipped cream tasted like Starbucks.  I'll take that. *smile*

P.P.S.  I made a Facebook page for my photography!  Please check it out!  Joanna Christine Photography 

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