Spring and dresses just go together

First off, sorry for not posting in a while.  I've been really busy and lacking a bit in the inspiration department lately.

Okay, so spring is here, yay!  I love spring, everything about it.  The finishing school part, the flowers blooming part, the warm weather part, and the dress part!  Yes, this is the time of year that I always swoon over spring/summer dresses.   We have a lot of weddings and my brother and sister's graduations this spring and summer, so I've been looking out for a cute dress to add to my closet.  I, of course, I wanted to share some of my finds!  I love all of these dresses below; I think they are just so pretty and look really comfortable, (which is a must for me).

What do you love most about spring?  Do you wear a lot of dresses in the spring/summer time?

P.S.  I hope you have a wonderful Easter!

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Fluffiest White Icing Recipe

This recipe is one of our favorites and is quick and easy. Even though I'm a lover of buttercream, I also love this white icing.  It is super light and fluffy; it tastes as light as a cloud!... We use this icing a lot to top off sugar cookies and on ho ho cakes.  It is our "go to" icing for about everything.  I must worn you though, it is a little addicting.  Yes, you might try it to see if it's good and fluffy, but then you'll find yourself "trying" it by the spoonful. So, think self control while you're making this, okay? 

Fluffiest White Icing Recipe an old family recipe
3/4 cup vegetable shortening
1/2 stick butter
2 tablespoon cream cheese
5 cup powdered sugar
1/3 cup water

First, cream the vegetable shortening, butter, and cream cheese together in a stand mixer.  Gradually add the powdered sugar and water, alternating.  Then turn the mixer on high and let mix for about 5 to 8 minutes.  The icing should be very light and fluffy.
This makes enough to ice a 2 layer cake.

P.S. I start working at a green house today!

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Welcome to the family, Joseph!

It was 1:19 a.m. when this little man baby, Joseph, was born.  He weighs 7.1 lb., is 20 in. long, and is super cute... and so tiny!  He's this perfect little baby that forms in your arms like a football.  Oh, and he also makes really cute noises.  Some of us went to the hospital when Jordan was in labour and waited to see his little face that morning, then most of us went to the hospital later in the day for a few hours of visiting.  If you don't already know, Joseph is my brother (Noah) and his wife's (Jordan), baby. Now, enjoy some cuteness. :) 

P.S. We have had 3 calves in the past 4 days.  Yes, it has been a crazy week!

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Noah and Jordan's Maternity Portraits

This is my brother and his wife, his pregnant wife that is.  Yes, inside of that little ball-shaped belly is a baby, a baby boy, named Joseph. Little Joseph will come out to meet us very shorty, like a week or two!  It is pretty exciting, especially since he will be living just a few hundred feet away.  :)  
Yesterday, I woke up to another winter wonderland.  Six inches of thickly packed snow covering the ground, the snow sticking on the trees, it was all beautiful, and white! It was the kind of day that I had been waiting for, so I could take maternity portraits of Noah and Jordan.   We weren't outside very long and didn't take many pictures, but it was fun.  For the very few pictures that I took, I was happy with the results.  What do you think?

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Photos and Ramblings

A collaboration of photos taken in February
I flipped another calendar page again today.  March, it doesn't seem like it should be here yet.  We were just celebrating Valentine's Day, weren't we?  February was a busy month full of school, DC visiting, and a lot of other little things that absorbed the rest of the time.  As I look ahead, I see Spring quickly approaching and all the things that are going to happen in it.  It makes me happy to think that the school year will be coming to an end shorty, that I am going to have a new nephew in the next month, and that summer and warm temperatures will come back to great us again soon.  Right now, I'm happy that it is the weekend.  How should I spend my Saturday?  I'm thinking maybe spending it making croissants?  Maybe. :)  Happy weekend to you!  How are you going to spend it?
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