Loving Ruche

Ruche is one of my favorite new stores.  Everything in their store is so adorable and fairly cheap!!!!  Which makes me very happy, because then I could maybe buy some!   I absolutely love their cute summer dresses, and their watches are simply lovely.  These pictures are just a few of my favorites. :)

Have you ever hear of Ruche?

Emerald City Pleated Skirt-grey shirt-floral dress-Blue dress-Watch-

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Winter fun

This winter we've only gotten a small amount of snow and it's been in the 40's most of the time.  Our winters in Ohio are not supposed to be like that.  We usually get pretty cold temperatures and a good amount of snow.  Not this winter, I guess.  I wish that we would get more snow and that we would be able to go sledding and have snowball fights!  I guess for now I'll just look at some winter fun pictures...

Here are some pictures of our past winters.

Does it snow where you live?  How much?   

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Photo Friday...

Have a picture perfect weekend!
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Valentines day gift guide

Cut out colored beeswax and slightly melt with a hair drying onto a candle.  This is brilliant!

Diy pop up Valentines day card.

Diy heart suckers.  I think this is so adorable!

Hope you enjoy these! :)

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Naked Bee Products

This hand and cuticle healing salve is AMAZING!!!!  I know the scent is called orange blossom honey but it smells like sweet tarts.  (Don't think I'm crazy.)  If you got it you would probably be finding yourself with your hands to your nose and taking deep breaths.  Have you ever heard of these products?  We also have their Moisturizing lotion.  Here are some more of their products.

Here is there product description

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Pink... Pt. 3/wedding themed

This third Pt. to my series is pink wedding themed.  I am very happy with the pictures that I could find.  What do you think of it?  I hope this series has inspired you to think more about bringing pink into your closet, home, and wedding.  

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Random pics


All but one of our cows waiting for the baby calf. (Yes, we have a baby calf.)

Here she is!  She was born on Saturday afternoon.  We haven't named her yet so feel free to give us name suggestions. :)

One of my little kitties (who is not very little), Tyty.

Happy Tuesday! :)

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Pink... Pt. 2/ home

My parents painted our house pink back in the 80's.

Would you think of adding pink into your home?  I wouldn't have before I saw these pictures.  I used to think that pink should only be used in a baby's room, but not anymore.  Of course, you don't want to get carried away and make your house look like a five year old did it.
Happy Monday!

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Pink... Pt. 1/clothing and accessories

Usually I don't like wearing pink, but I have to say that this pink clothing is absolutely lovely.  Seeing all of this pink has made me want to bring more pink into my closet.  What about you?  Are you a pink lover?  I have to say that I am now.

I am starting a three part series about pink. The 1st is clothing and accessories, the 2nd is home, and the 3rd is wedding themed.  I hope you will enjoy them!

Have a lovely Saturday! :)

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