Awesome and Awkward Thursday 1

You all probably know of the famous Awesome and Awkward posts that a lot of people have been doing lately, well, I thought that it would be fun to do on my blog!  I probably won't do it every week, but if you think it a success I might try to do it once in a while. :)

I started school this week!  It's going well so far and I think overall it is going to be a good school year.  Have you started school yet?  Were you looking forward to starting?  Even though I loved having that summer break,  I was ready to get back into the old school routine.

Okay, enough school talk...


Messy buns-Self explanatory everybody.
These nights-They are so quiet (except for the saccades that have moved into our woods), cool, and all around lovely.
Photgraphy-I love it more everyday...
Maxi skirts-As much as I love them, I still don't have one yet.  But, Jordan (a.k.a. sister-in-law) and I got some fabric that we are planing on using to make maxi skirts sometime soon.  So my closet shouldn't be missing a maxi skirt for long. :)
Sleeping on a trampoline-My friend and I did it a couple of weeks ago!!!  So fun... but very cold!
When a cat has a milk goatee.
Getting baby chickens-adorable!


Running in heels. 
Having a cow sneeze in your face-It happens very frequently to me.  I'm just petting their head then they get the sudden urge to sneeze... in my face.
Walking through Goodwill with shoes that rub the skin off your heels-Yep, this happened to me last week.  I'm sure I looked ridiculous!  I was on my tip toes and limping through the aisles...
Silence in a conversation.


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Right now I am sitting at the computer... with a head that feels like a ballon, a cup of tea, and a belly full of m&m cookies.

My sister Mary, her husband Cody, and my brother Noah all came down with the cold on tuesday.  I was hoping that I would escape from the cold, but alas, yesterday morning I woke up with a sore throat.  After having a throat that felt dry and hurt every time I swallowed the whole day and night, I woke up with no sore throat but a headache and a stuffed up nose.  Oh, how I hate the feeling of having a cold.  You can't sleep, you can't taste food (the worst of all), and you don't feel like doing anything except sleeping and watching movies.

I think after I push this button that says "Publish"  I will grab some lunch, put out meat to thaw for supper (we got meat from a bull and pig yesterday!), then maybe read or watch a movie.  If I read I will start Persuasion and if I watch a movie, well... I don't know what I will watch.  Any suggestions?

Hope you are having a lovely rest of your Thursday!

P.S. We are supposed to get some strong storms this afternoon.  Oh, I hate storms!

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looking back at summer

Wow, can you believe that summer is already over?  It seems like we were just putting our school books away and planning everything that we were going to do this summer, and now to think that it is already over... it's sad really.  I'm glad, though, of the few months that we did get off from school.

Even though this summer seamed very short, a lot of things happened in it.  First off, I got my first DSLR camera.  I love it, and I take it with me practically everywhere.  A little while after that my sister had her second baby.  His name is Bruno and he is the chubbiest and cutest baby ever, well... he ties for first with is big brother. Then there was my brother's wedding, which was very fun and exciting.  They now live in a little apartment about 500 ft from our house.  Yeah, my brother didn't go very far from home... but thats okay.  Other than those things, we've gone to a cousin's wedding (we have another this Saturday), had lots of birthdays, and tons of fun!

Now that summer is over I will have to get back into the old school routine and look forward to next summer and hope that it is as good as this one was...

How was your summer?

our new calf!  His name is bolt.

Did you know that corn stalk leaves taste like grass?  I just thought I would through that out there. :)

my friend

I just really like this picture, don't ask me why though...

Noah and Jordan's wedding

Lydia's birthday

My cousin's wedding

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