What I've been listening to...

I have come to the conclusion that I love music.  I feel like a few years ago I could have gone without it,  hah!  Now it's a different story...  I have been listening to a lot of music lately, especially since I'm in the middle of cleaning/dejunking my room (it is no small task, I can tell you that!)... One thing that I love about music is all of the beautiful, different, and "catchy" melodies that people are creating... although I have honestly no idea how they are doing it.  How many melodies can there be to create?...  For me, Spotify is the way to listen to music. Have you ever heard of Spotify?  What do you think of it?  I personally love it; it is the perfect way to listen to all of my favorite music for free!  Spotify + Pinterest = bliss.  If you haven't been using Spotify, you should really look into what you've been missing out on...  

Okay, now... what have I been listening to?
One Day- Matisyahu
Pinesong- A Fine Frenzy
Vienna- Billy Joel (one of my all-time favorites)
I Will Wait- Mumford & Sons
Oh Happy Day- The Edwin Hawkin Singers
Don't Stop Believin'- Dallas String Quartet
Dancing in the Moonlight- Toploader
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter- Billy Williams
When Will My Life Begin- Mandy Moore   (Tangled?  Yes, yes!)

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The new normal + links

cami- Kohl's,    plaid shirt- H&M,    shorts- Kohl's,    shoes- garage sale,    hairband- gifted,    sunglasses- Banana Republic

Yesterday-my brother left for college.  Today-my sister and her family leave for Germany.  I'm in a sudden state of transition.  I'm trying to find a new normal.  Before, my normal was playing with Sebastian and Bruno (my sister's kids), watching movies till 12pm with Mary, listening to music with Isaac, and teasing him about his, um, eclectic style.... haha. I'm starting school next week, but in my "spare time" I'm going to start concentrating on sharing my creativity side on this blog.  I have decided that I want this special place to be an outlet, an outlet where I can display my interests and passions.  More recipes, photos, and style related posts. Oh, and there might just be a whole week dedicated to all things Fall coming up...  

Now a few links for you today....

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Moving the baby chicks

Earlier in the week, we moved our (now big) baby chicks.  We moved some to cages out in the yard and others to the chicken house.  Here are just a few shoots from the moving process...  I know, the white ones are getting a little ugly, but the black and white ones are still kind of cute, right?  Happy Thursday!  I hope it's wonderful and filled with sweet things.... preferably chocolate...

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Summer is ending

I hate to break it to you, but summer is ending, whether you like it or not.  For me, I like it.  Even though this summer has been incredibly awesome, it has also been crazy busy (crazy being an understatement).  It will be nice for fall to come and for things to start calming down again.  I'm ready for fall.  I'm not ready for school, but I am ready for the cooler temperatures, oversized sweaters, and days filled with just coffee, a good book, and a nice warm fire.  Just writing all about fall is making me giddy.  How do you feel about summer ending?  Happy?  Sad?

P.S. Check out these senior photos I took last week. I'm pretty proud about them. *smile* 

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Creamy Vanilla Bean Coffee recipe

Wednesday of last week was the first day that it felt like Summer was leaving us and Fall was quickly approaching.  It made me happy, because I love Fall... everything about it, except school of course.   As I started to think of all things Fall related, I began dreaming of coffee, what else?  I got it in my head to use a vanilla bean that had been sitting in the pantry just waiting for a purpose to come along in my next coffee creation.  This was a first time for me using vanilla beans, and now I can honestly tell you that I'm in love with them....  The flavor is so much richer than the vanilla extract that we all use, and besides, vanilla beans are such a special and decedent treat.  Who wouldn't want coffee with fresh vanilla bean in it?    

Warm Vanilla Bean Coffee
4 cups coffee of your choice
1 1/2 cup cream
1/2 vanilla bean
1/8 tsp. nutmeg
1/8 tsp. all-spice
3 Tbsp. brown sugar

Prepare you coffee of choice and keep it warm.  Slit your half of a vanilla bean in half long ways and scrap out as many of the seeds as possible.  Put your cream in a saucepan and add your vanilla bean skin and seeds, nutmeg, all-spice, and brown sugar over the lowest heat.  Mix together and let steep for 5-8 minutes, don't let it boil.  Take off heat, take out vanilla bean skin, and whisk for 2 minutes.  Pour your coffee between two mugs then add the cream mixture.  Enjoy this simple little treat.  

My model/fellow coffee loving sister, Mary
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testing it out...

   I love getting packages in the mail, they just brighten any kind of day.  I was especially excited about a package in particular that I received last Saturday, because in it was my new Lightroom 5.  Saying that I was ecstatic to open the mailbox and find this package would be a huge understatement...  When I first started editing my photos in Lightroom I was just overwhelmed.  I had basically no idea what I was doing, but with many hours of editing I became to understand what in the world everything did.  Do you use Lightroom?  Do you have any tips for an amateur?  

These are some photos I took last night as it rained...  enjoy!  (can you tell I like black and white?)

P.S.  It might be a little quiet on the blog this month, because August looks to be just as busy as June and July were.

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Sharing a little DIY for you today

Aren't these little booties adorable?  I have convinced myself that I must make them for my little nephew.  They look so simple to make, which is what I need, since I'm not much of a sewer and don't have much patience.  I think they will be the perfect afternoon project for me!  Will you join me?  You can check out the full tutorial here.

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