All of the sudden, it's fall!

It's official, dear reader, fall is here!  How did this happen?  Didn't we just finish school and weren't we just saying hello to summer?  Even though it doesn't seem right for fall to be here yet, I'm glad of it. I'm glad of it because I love how the leaves turn multi-colored, how the sunsets are unordinary and beautiful, how cool breezes whistle by, how I can cuddle up with my oh-so-small blanket and read a book, how I can make “fallish” food,  and how I can finally pull out my collection of sweaters.

Let’s face it, half the reason we all love fall so much is that we can where sweaters, lots and lots of sweaters… more the better. :)  I have two drawers dedicated for holding my sweaters.  I don’t buy them all; I get some from my sisters, some from Christmas, and some from thrift stores.  Every outfit post I do this season will have me wearing a sweater… you can count on that!

My brother got homecoming king at our high school!  Not this brother, Noah, my other brother, Isaac.  Noah was just modeling the crown that I said looked like they got in the Christmas clearance...

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  1. Wow! That's crazy that Isaac got the "King" role! We're wondering...
    I LOVE sweaters-- that is I LOVE cardigans!! You should see the collection that I've racked up! ;-) I'm hoping to post it up on our blog soon, so be sure to check it out!


  2. Those pictures are breathtaking.... I'm in love with the first picture. :) And fall has arrived here too!! Its only like 50 degrees here or something, and the leaves are starting to change colors. Its gorgeous!

    And ohmyword I have a love affair with sweaters - mainly huge, oversized, soft ones. haaha and scarves and boots too.


  3. i just appreciate that you posted a picture of NOAH wearing the crown and not isaac. hilarious. and yea... what is up with that crown?! haha! maybe for the ancient king of persia, or something! but why is it red?? anyway, are you going to post pictures of isaac?

    1. I was too far away to get a decent picture of him, then when we went down to the track he was going back onto the field...

  4. I especially love the leaf and flower photos! So gorgeous.


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