55 degrees on January 11th

With the Christmas decorations down for the year, the word 2013 becoming more familiar, and no snow covering the earth, it feels like Spring.  The grass is green, the ground is wet, the air is warm.  Where I live, where having a warm spell.  It is supposed to be in the 50's and 60's all the weekend and next week.  I like it.  I'm ready for everyday to be in the 50's and 60's.  Everything that is supposed to happen in Winter has happened, and now I'm looking forward to a new season, Spring.  The season when flowers bloom, when I finish up school, when the tree limbs grow leaves, and when I turn a year older.

Today, after reading Persuasion, I decided to go outside and take some pictures.  I walked around the outside of our house taking pictures of this and that, then decided to head to the barn then walk in the fields and take pictures of the cows.  I thought they were all good ideas, but soon realized when my feet sunk down into the deep mud, that maybe walking in the fields was not such a great idea.  My feet quickly became damp from a few tiny holes in my boots.  I slowly maneuvered myself through the gate and back on gravel.  I thought I would have to settle for long distance photos of the cows but, Bell, who saw me and was curious, was nice enough to walk up from the field and pose for a little bit.

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  1. Goodness! It's crazy how warm it is in the Midwest. Whether or not we like the cold, it is winter. :D

  2. Where you live is so beautiful :) I'd love to have a bunch of land like that :)

  3. oh wow, Joanna! These photos are fabulous!! I especially like the one with the flowers- wait a minute - FLOWERS? in JANUARY?!? What are those things doing blooming at this time of year, is what I'd like to know!
    I was kinda looking forward to a blizzard-y winter like we've had in the years past, but I'm pretty good with this weather as well... We'll see how it goes...


  4. Love the cat picture! And that cow is adorable. so much cuter than all our dumb beef cows on our farm :) The weather has be glorious the last 2 days where I live! But its going to get back down in the 30s this weekend :/ Oh well, Spring will come here soon enough!

  5. Ohhh how I wished I lived on a farm!!! I LOVE my muck boots and tromping around in the mud is so.much.fun. hahaahah The pictures of the chickens should like be in an old country magazine. Its so good!! :)


  6. BEAUTIFUL pictures of the flowers! :) You are a great photographer!

  7. Great pictures! I loved the one of the calf and cat!
    Oh and it is hot where I live too. What happened to the season winter? LOL


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