Winter Wonderland

Snow-  cold, wet, white, fluffy, fun, and beautiful.  These are the words that describe snow and they are the reasons why I love it.

Saturday morning, before I even opened my eyes, I hoped that when I looked out the window I would see a winter wonderland.  I opened my eyes and what did I see?  A winter wonderland.  Instead of seeing grass I saw snow, a smooth shimmering sheet of white snow.  It had fallen on the tree limbs and now weighed them down.  When the wind blew, from the movement of the trees came snow to the ground.  Looking out the window was like looking at a black and white picture.  There was no color, just the contrasts of white and black

Later in the morning, Isaac, Cody, and Seb got all bundled for sledding.  Isaac hocked a rope up to the four wheeler with a sled attached to it.  I had to get bundled also, so I could take some pictures.  It was ten times more beautiful actually being outside than just looking at it from the window.  I had to squint my eyes because it was so bright out, with the sun reflecting onto the snow.  When I stepped my feet sank 6 inches before hitting firm ground.  It was stinging cold outside with an occasional breeze.  The tips of my ears became numb and my nose, scarlet.

Snow- it makes me happy.

This is what I woke up to
P.S. A random picture of Bruno and I to finish this post off. :)

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  1. Cute photos! And love love love snow :)


  2. I always love your posts filled with pictures, specially of your home, cuz I LOOOOOOOOVE the country!!!! :) Your farm is GORGEOUS with snow!!


  3. Wow... its so beautiful :) I can't even imagine experiencing that since I live in South Texas.
    -mal :)

  4. Snow is sooo fun, amazing and wonderful :) Sadly we haven't had any yet *tear* Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

  5. oh, these are lovely! i love snow.... *happy sigh* ;) x


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