A day of photos

Yesterday afternoon, I saw some cows in one of our fields.  We have cows, but these weren't ours. They were my uncle/neighbor's cows.  So my brother and Lucy had to go down and direct the cows to their pasture.  I tagged along to snap a few pictures... of course. :)

Looking up at our house from the corner of the field.

Then I went down to the creek since I was so close...  The picture below is my favorite.

Look what I found, an axe that we had supposedly been missing.

We had to go over the fence and Lucy didn't want to...

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  1. Great photos! I love the one of the dew on the grass...(:


  2. wow, it's so pretty where you live! do you live on a lot of property? I wish I lived on a farm! I live in a city in NC!:P haha

    1. we live on 25 acres. thanks for your comment. :)

  3. Nice pictures! I had my own spring shoot as well;) I plan to post the photos soon;)

  4. Thanks sweetie, I just followed you back!:*

  5. So beautiful. :)I love all of your photos! And your dog is adorable. :)

  6. I love cows. My neighbors used to have some but they're getting older so they sold them all. My family is hoping to purchase some in the future :)

    Thank you for following my blog, Jo! Thanks for your comment too...I love Chickfila! :D


  7. You win the Master Finder award for finding that long lost axe! Sounds like you had a fun time on your property that day!



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