Over the weekend. Road trip!

Last Saturday we took a trip to Michigan to see my brother (who goes to college up there) and my sister (who works at the college).  It was a really short trip that was spent eating, watching basketball games (blah), and listening to wedding talk between my sister, mom, and "future" sister in law.  Here are some pictures of our road trip.  Six people in a six passenger truck was a little tight...  

Jordan (the future sister in law) making a heart shadow.

For breakfast we had pop tarts.  Not the best untoasted, but still good.

My sister Lydia in the middle of a posing.

Jordan posing for a picture!

Jordan getting a picture of me with my favorite drink.  Arizona tea.  

What did you do last weekend?
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  1. Last weekend I went to a birthday party for a 6 year old. :)



  2. hey, Jo! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! :D You have a pretty kool blog. I have read back a ways and I love it! ^_^
    um...this weekend...I have done a lot. :D The biggest things were prolly my vioin performance and my Pirates of the Caribbean birthday party. ^_^ <3
    I love your pictures! Super cute.

    P.S. I love pop-tarts. Toasted or otherwise. xD

  3. Looks like you got through the road trip okay! Whenever I go on roadtrips with my family, I feel like I'm being squashed with two teenaged (broad-shouldered) brothers and an (equally large) cousin.

  4. Hey Jo! I was just looking through some comments on my blog and recently read yours on "Things I never did". you said you weren't coordinated at all to do those kinds of things and said it was kind of depressing. Well I wanted to tell you even if your not good at sports or anything like that that God gave us all a talent. Mine obviously is not sports or dancing since I don't do them. Photography and writing is my thing. Some people don't realize they have a talent until they find themselves doing that certain thing that might be their talent. Look at you! You blog, and post pictures!! Your special in each and every way that God made you! Just wanted to encourage you Jo, parden my rambles :)

    Love, Sophie :)
    "Capturing It"

  5. This looks just so fun...road trips are my favourite.

    <3 Cambria


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