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What are you doing on this holiday?  I think I'm going to make some soft pretzels, I found the recipe from my sister and decided that I just had to make them.  Big, soft, chewy, sweet, buttery pretzel always bring me such joy!  My sister, Rebekah, wants me to make some "Almond Joys" too, so I might do that as well.  Then tonight I think we are going to a firework show... It will be a good day!

I know this post isn't very exciting, but I can promise that my next one will be better.  It may or may not be about my brothers wedding... ;)

Oh, and sorry for not posting in a long time.  I shall be better at posting more frequently in the future.

reading by flashlight because of the power being out last Saturday because of a storm.

My new nephew, Bruno!

Seb liked the flash light that I was using...

Seb trying on Isaac football helmet

Our neighbor had an awesome fire show last Sunday

me holding Bruno. :)

My dad and Seb

my eye...

my sister, Lydia.

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  1. Your photography is STUNNING!!!!!!! What kind of camera do you use? A pointandshoot, or a high-tech professional type camera??? And you are soo lucky - I live in town, but would move out to the country in a heartbeat!


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  3. Gorgeous photos! I can't even pick a favorite--they're all stunning!


  4. Love all the photos, they are wonderful.
    specially the nature ones ^_^

  5. Gah. I can't even stand the adorable-ness in these pictures. Uhh-mayyy-zzzing. The cat--I die.


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