making taffy

So, last Tuesday I decided that I wanted to make some taffy because
1. We got some english toffee and raspberry flavorings that I had been wanting to try out and
2.  My sweet tooth was aching... :)

At first everything was going well, the taffy didn't bowl over and it looked the way it was supposed to. Then we divided the batch between two pans and mixed in the flavorings and colorings.  We let it sit for a little while to cool off, then started tried to pull it up from the pans.  After that failed, we tried having Lydia hold down the pans and I try to pry it up with a spatula (it looked like I was trying to lift up dried cement with a crowbar)... that didn't work either... then I had the brilliant idea (yes, it was brilliant) of putting the taffy in the oven!  After a little while we took it out and were able to release the taffy from the pans.  Finally... success!

Still, taffy is a hard candy to deal with while making, you cannot put it on a plate or it will stick,  your hands are always sticky in the process, and if you try to stretch it when is completely cool... HAH!  Let's just say that Lydia and I looked like we were having a tug-a-war trying to stretch the taffy because we let it cool to long.  Oops! :)

After embarking on the task at 2:30 we finished at 5:00.  Even though it took a long time, it was all worth it, we now have the ability to eat taffy 24/7. :)

Hope you have an awesome and relaxing weekend!  Mine will probably be filled with eating too much taffy. :)

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  1. Taffy is such a pain to make, but the end result makes it all worth it! These look delicious.

  2. Now my sweet tooth is aching... The taffy looks so sticky and chewy!

  3. I've never made it before...looks yummy!


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