looking back at summer

Wow, can you believe that summer is already over?  It seems like we were just putting our school books away and planning everything that we were going to do this summer, and now to think that it is already over... it's sad really.  I'm glad, though, of the few months that we did get off from school.

Even though this summer seamed very short, a lot of things happened in it.  First off, I got my first DSLR camera.  I love it, and I take it with me practically everywhere.  A little while after that my sister had her second baby.  His name is Bruno and he is the chubbiest and cutest baby ever, well... he ties for first with is big brother. Then there was my brother's wedding, which was very fun and exciting.  They now live in a little apartment about 500 ft from our house.  Yeah, my brother didn't go very far from home... but thats okay.  Other than those things, we've gone to a cousin's wedding (we have another this Saturday), had lots of birthdays, and tons of fun!

Now that summer is over I will have to get back into the old school routine and look forward to next summer and hope that it is as good as this one was...

How was your summer?

our new calf!  His name is bolt.

Did you know that corn stalk leaves taste like grass?  I just thought I would through that out there. :)

my friend

I just really like this picture, don't ask me why though...

Noah and Jordan's wedding

Lydia's birthday

My cousin's wedding

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  1. aww, I love all of these pictures! Especially the ones of your new calf, though! He's darling!(:


  2. I wish that guy with the glasses had taken his shirt off like that little boy! Yowza!!

  3. that calf! so so sweet, ...lovely fun pictures hon!

  4. No no no. Summer is _not_ over yet. Barely feels like it was here. Last week, I was biking around in the pouring rain with long sleeves + flannel + a rain coat. I thought it was only now just coming...


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