Right now I am sitting at the computer... with a head that feels like a ballon, a cup of tea, and a belly full of m&m cookies.

My sister Mary, her husband Cody, and my brother Noah all came down with the cold on tuesday.  I was hoping that I would escape from the cold, but alas, yesterday morning I woke up with a sore throat.  After having a throat that felt dry and hurt every time I swallowed the whole day and night, I woke up with no sore throat but a headache and a stuffed up nose.  Oh, how I hate the feeling of having a cold.  You can't sleep, you can't taste food (the worst of all), and you don't feel like doing anything except sleeping and watching movies.

I think after I push this button that says "Publish"  I will grab some lunch, put out meat to thaw for supper (we got meat from a bull and pig yesterday!), then maybe read or watch a movie.  If I read I will start Persuasion and if I watch a movie, well... I don't know what I will watch.  Any suggestions?

Hope you are having a lovely rest of your Thursday!

P.S. We are supposed to get some strong storms this afternoon.  Oh, I hate storms!

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  1. Ooooh! How awful - I cannot stand being sick either, Jo! Hope you get to feeling better soon. Enjoy that book or movie! :-)

  2. :( hope you get better soon, Jo!!!!!!

  3. Ohh I really hope you get better soon!!!! :/ Having a cold is deffo the pits - specially at nighttime, because you are always sniffing and your nose is always running and its impossible to sleep!! Umm, for movie suggestions - Tangled... Mirror, Mirror... Princess Diaries 2...

    Get better soon, Jo!!


  4. Being sick stinks. Hope you're feeling better! I just read persuasion, and I loved it.

  5. m&m cookies are the perfect cure for any sickness! feel better!

  6. i hope you are feeling better now!

  7. Sick is a sucky feeling. I hope you feel better (:

  8. I so don't like getting sick!



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