DIY Gift Guide for 2012 Christmas

How was your Thanksgiving?  Our Thanksgiving was amazing and filled with food... lots and lots of food!  We played "football" with my dad's side of the family, which was fun and also made me realize how out of shape I am... yeah, I need to work on that.  Then on Wednesday we fixed a big meal for my dad's work.  THEN... last night we ate with my mom's side of the family for supper.  All of the food everywhere was amazing.

Are any of you going black Friday shopping.  I'm not much of a black Friday shopper, or any kind of shopper.  I'm content sitting here, crocheting, while Mom and Rebekah (oldest sister) hit the mall.  For some reason shopping has never appealed to me for some reason.


I thought it would be fun to put together a list of DIYs that would be perfect for Christmas gifts, so here it goes.
Christmas is the time for giving gifts, right?  And you don't want to break your penny bank?   Homemade gifts, I think, are better than bought-at-a-store gifts.  They tell the person that you actually took time to make them something special. Besides, who wouldn't like an excuse to sit down and get crafty?   

I hope you enjoy scrolling through this post, and find some good DIYs to try!

P.S. Get creative this year with wrapping your gifts.  Here, Martha Stewart has some cute Packaging ideas.

P.P.S.  I have been tempted all week to post this before Thanksgiving, but have managed to keep it hidden in my drafts until the day after.   It was hard...

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  1. eeek! I'm so excited for Christmas! I love all of these ideas!!

  2. I can see why! These are great ideas to make for Christmas, Jo! I'm definitely going to try making those mug cups for sure. ;) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I really love these so much!!:) Love the mugs!!!:)

  4. I love all of these ideas! I’m going to use some of these! Thanks for sharing.:)

  5. I am resorting to essentially making all of my christmas presents.
    I saw those adorable slippers on Pinterest, and I know those have to be a must... Never thought of giving homemade chocolate for christmas... Love the chalkboard mugs...The sweater pillow is awesome...I want that flannel cowl!!...This will definitely be a go-to christmas guide for me! Thanks for posting! :)


  6. I've never been Black Friday shopping (I'm not a big shopper either), but I kinda wanted to go this year with friends. Maybe I just want to go shopping with friends sometime, because I don't think I would like all the craziness and lines too much :)
    All those look so cute! If I wasn't so artistically challenged, I would definitely try them! :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    -mal :)


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