so... if you haven't noticed, I haven't blogged in a while.  There are two reasons for this. I have been really busy with school, a lot photography shoots, (this is where the second reason comes into play) and working on a new little big project that will be released this Winter or Spring.  Until that time, this blog will be very quiet, I'm afraid.  Trust me though, the wait is going to be worth it....  Now, let's do a little catching up, shall we?

September has been such a s'wonderful (just some Funny Face love) month.  Nothing huge or really exciting has happened, it has been just a very nice slow/relaxing month.  We haven't had one of those in a while...  It is the end of September and I'm finally familiar with school again, and am settling nicely into those boring, unexciting school days.  I'm not one of those types of people that have to be always going places and seeing people anyway.  I'm one of those introverts.  Yes, one of those people that enjoys staying home and watching old black and white movies.  No shame.

Oh, wait!  There was one exciting thing that happened this month, Fall arrived!  Yes, that was a big deal to me.  I'm so happy that the season for chunky sweaters and hot cocoa is finally here.  I just noticed this week the subtle hue of fall in the trees.  I've missed those colors. :)

Now I shall leave you with a few photos, because a blog post wouldn't be complete without photos, right?

P.S.  you can keep up with my photography here!

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  1. You could line up people to do guest posts while you are taking a break.

  2. I always fall in love with all your pictures!!!! They are always sooo pretty!!!!


  3. Ohhhh! I am SO excited for Fall! The leaves are turning and falling ALL over the place :D A great subject/backdrop for photography ;)

    I'm with you on staying home with a B&W movie at hand... but a little fellowship with friends is always fun too :) Especially when baby holding/toddler watching is involved... ;)

    Excited for your big project ;-D


  4. love me some funny face, too. :D
    your pictures are so stinkin' fabulous all the time. for realzzz gurl.
    fall fall fall. the other day I literally just sat and watched leaves fall from the trees. it made my heart happy. :)

  5. the last photo. i adore it. ^_^

  6. that second photograph is GORGEOUS. :)


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