I hope all of you had a good Christmas!

It was so much fun going to all of our family gatherings and having my siblings home (two of them are still home.)  On Christmas day we had a baby calf!!!  It was so exciting.  At first my dad thought it was a boy (I was pretty bummed because we have the boys butchered for meat), then yesterday he found out that it was a girl!!!  I think right know we are going to name her Belle.

She doesn't really have creepy blue eyes.

These are some of the things that I got from my family for Christmas...

Nail polish from Forever 21

Blue cardigan
Beef jerky (I LOVE it)
I Love Lucy season 1 and 2  (I am slightly addicted to I Love Lucy)
A forever 21 Cardigan
Gold ball earrings

Forever 21 earings

Chewy nerds
Work boots for milking

lavender scarf (you can see it in the family picture with a blue cardigan.

Happy wednesday! :) Pin It


  1. What a lovely Christmas. I love your boots. So cute!

  2. That baby calf is so cute! Belle is the perfect name! looks like you had a great christmas,

  3. you have such a beautiful family! Hope you're having a fantastic holiday!

  4. I never thought of cows as anything beautiful but that baby calf is just dainty! Hope you've got great plans for ringing in the new year. Happy 2012!


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