Gingerbread houses

This week I made my very first gingerbread house!  It was so much fun!  No, I didn't make my own gingerbread (I know... I cheated).  It was in a package from Joann's that had everything that you needed in it.  It took us (My brother and I) a while but I think it turned out pretty well at the end.  The final touches really made it.  The gingerbread house that we made is the last picture.

Happy Thursday!   I hope you are have having fun getting ready for Christmas!  My Christmas chain says it will be here in THREE days! :)  

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  1. Seeing pictures of such beautiful gingerbread houses always makes me want to make my own. Of course when I actually get to play around with icing and candy my creations produce something more like a war torn home, rather pathetic looking. Haha
    I rather like your little ginger bread home! Great job! :D

  2. Such cute idea...can't wait to make these with our kiddos one day! :)

  3. These look amazing! I've made gingerbread men but never attempted a gingerbread house... this year might be the year!!

  4. Ohhhh the gingerbread houses are so cute. The little one on the side of the cup made me laugh, I could imagine that with my coffe in the morning. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the nice comment on my blog.


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