The new normal + links

cami- Kohl's,    plaid shirt- H&M,    shorts- Kohl's,    shoes- garage sale,    hairband- gifted,    sunglasses- Banana Republic

Yesterday-my brother left for college.  Today-my sister and her family leave for Germany.  I'm in a sudden state of transition.  I'm trying to find a new normal.  Before, my normal was playing with Sebastian and Bruno (my sister's kids), watching movies till 12pm with Mary, listening to music with Isaac, and teasing him about his, um, eclectic style.... haha. I'm starting school next week, but in my "spare time" I'm going to start concentrating on sharing my creativity side on this blog.  I have decided that I want this special place to be an outlet, an outlet where I can display my interests and passions.  More recipes, photos, and style related posts. Oh, and there might just be a whole week dedicated to all things Fall coming up...  

Now a few links for you today....

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  1. These are great pictures of you Jo! I can imagine how hard it might be for you right now during this time of transition! So much change all at once! But I know you'll get through it, and find your new "normal".

    Praying for you.


    The Middle Sister and Singer

  2. I feel you! Both of my sisters are leaving for college, my brother already left. It's weird to be the last one here. Lovely pictures.

  3. Love your outfit! And the pictures are so pretty.

  4. Um, you look like you should be in a magazine. Enough said ;)


    1. PS- I am so happy that you figured out what to do with your blog! you really have awesome stuff to share!


  5. My goodness, you are too cute. :) Love these pictures, they just speak of fall. I'm excited for your upcoming posts!

    Blessings, friend!


  6. YOUR OUTFIT IS SO CUTE. and your moccasins?! uhmm SO cute! where in the world did you get such fabulous shoes!?
    also these pictures reminds me of fall so that makes me a happy child.


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