Summer is ending

I hate to break it to you, but summer is ending, whether you like it or not.  For me, I like it.  Even though this summer has been incredibly awesome, it has also been crazy busy (crazy being an understatement).  It will be nice for fall to come and for things to start calming down again.  I'm ready for fall.  I'm not ready for school, but I am ready for the cooler temperatures, oversized sweaters, and days filled with just coffee, a good book, and a nice warm fire.  Just writing all about fall is making me giddy.  How do you feel about summer ending?  Happy?  Sad?

P.S. Check out these senior photos I took last week. I'm pretty proud about them. *smile* 

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  1. i'm totally ready for fall and winter too. probably because summer is my least favorite season, and winter and fall are my favorites. ;) but I am ready for school, routines, and less craziness too. also that last photo is rad. xx. marcia

  2. These photos are fab, Jo!! The last one is so clever! Killer butterfly shot!! They always seem o fly away from me anytime that I have my camera out and ready. They're like "Noooo, I don't want my picture taken" (said in a very british, butterfly-ish accent.) lol ;)
    Oh yes, and I took a look at you latest shoot the other day. Lovely job! You should be proud :)

    I can't wait for new clothes to wear lol! I'm getting rather tired of my S/S wardrobe...


  3. Ohhh today was my 1st day of my senior year and I was/am sooooooo ready to get back!!!! :) Even though it felt like I didn't even have a summer break cuz it flew by so incredibly fast, I'm ready for school to be back in session! :)

    Oh and btw, those senior pictures are STUNNING. Ab-so-lute-ly stunning!


  4. Lovely photos! I am definitely ready for fall...I love cozy sweaters, changing colors, and the cooler weather.(: There's just so much to love about fall for me.

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