Bailing Season

Last Saturday my dad and brothers bailed hay.  It was the perfect day to do it, but it was really hot...      

Oh, I wanted to tell you, on Friday night we had a little party celebrating my sister and nephew's birthdays.  So if you want to see some pictures of that,  just go to my sister's blog here.

 To give you a visual of the bailing here are some pictures. :)

This bug really liked me... it would not go away!!!

My brothers.  On the left is Noah and on the right is Isaac.  

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  1. i love your picture and now im following you :)

  2. oooh fun! haha I always have that problem with bugs, they like me too=)

  3. I just found your blog and I think it is amazing.I am following you now,under name Lilie Marlen,but I don't use any photos so I will be last one on your follower list.I will be honored if you come visit my blog and follow it if you like it Have a nice day

  4. Looks hot and tiring...but fun too!

  5. Gahh, this photos just make me miss the Midwest all the more! :)

  6. love how you documented this, jo! xx.


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