Picture Line/Diy

Picture Line

2 nails
your favorite pictures
clothes pins

Hammer two nails horizontally to each as far apart as you like.  Beginning at one nail, twist your wire around until it is secure.  After that, stretch the wire to the other nail.  (Make sure it is very tight.) Take your pictures and simply pin them to the wire with the clothes pins.  If you want to you can take sharpies and design the front of the pins, then if you don't like the designs that you made(like me) you can just turn the pin around so the design is on the back and not noticeable. :)

It is so much fun waking up to these pictures.  They bring back memories of when I was little.  :)  The far left picture is a "Nurse Joanna" badge that my mom made for me when I was 4.  She also made my sister one.  We attached our badges to our shirts when we played doctor.    We were very professional... ;)  The second picture was taken at my 6th birthday party.  The theme of the party was "Barbie", so we had Barbie hats and I even had a Barbie cake that my mom made me.  It was one of the best cakes I have ever had.  In the picture with me is my friend Alyssa.  The third picture is of our sheep that we supposedly had (it was before my time).  I just loved everything about the picture  The forth picture is of me with my headphones and a football.  I was very creative and figured out that my headphone plug fit into the little hole in the football.   I would start singing and act like I was listening to music that came from the football. haha!  The fifth picture is of my brother (Noah)  and I just being goofy.  The sixth picture pretty much explains itself.  We did some crazy things when we were younger...  The last picture is of Noah, Lydia, and Isaac (he is the one that is holding me in the picture).  The date said that I was only 2 weeks old and so Isaac would have only been 3 when he was holding me... Oh my!

Today I woke up to Mary (sister), Cody (brother-in-law), and Seb (nephew) coming in the front door.  They drove all night and are staying here till tomorrow morning when they leave to go to Michigan to visit Rebekah (sister) and Noah (brother).  While they are here we are celebrating my birthday!  It is going to be a very fun day. :)

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  1. This is awesome! I'd love to make one and place it around my room to make it look like a festival of photos :)) cool blog! x


  2. I love this! I have something similar in my room, and it's cool to have to put all those pictures on you may not want in a frame! and it's your birthday? Happy Birthday!

  3. This is a super cute, simple project. Nice job! =)

  4. very cute idea!! :) it'd be great for a college dorm room. :) (not that i'm heading off to college anytime soon. i've still got 2 more years. lol)


  5. Very fun idea...you could also put up paper with letters on it and spell out a word!

    <3 Cambria

  6. thanks for your sweet comment at my blog! :)

    your photo line is great - cant ever go wrong with close pins

  7. I have a corkboard full of ticket stubs and pictures and whatnot, but I'm totally out of space. This is such a great idea!

  8. I love this idea! So simple yet such a cute little decoration to your room.


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