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Hello readers of I Love! My name is Charlotte, and I blog over at my family's online journal, The Boyer Family Singers. Over there I post up outfits, inspiration posts, recipes, and soon to be- Tutorials and a Blog Series!
I adore vintage fashion with modern twists... I love popcorn... I've got a penchant for bright colors and mixing prints... I love sewing and drafting my own patterns... and I adore coming up with sweet outfits that express my style...
Today I have a simple fall ensemble to share with you all, with lots of print mix ups and details that keep it interesting-

I call this my "Artist' outfit, because for some reason, it just reminds me so much of a fashionable artist- painting outside- oils and acrylics staining her clothes and hands- a whimsical expression of something that only she knows, and only she can relate to the people around her on the canvas before her...

Thanks so much Joanna for letting me post on your awesome blog! 
Be sure to hop on over to our blog, and check out what it's all about! :)

Do you like mixing patterns in your outfits?
How do you like to keep your outfits interesting?

I hope you've enjoyed Charlotte's post!  Go check out her blog. :)
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