Isaac // Senior Pictures

Isaac is my brother, he is my older brother, he plays football and basketball, somehow he is always hungry even after a big meal, he loves to be outside, he plays a little piano, making stuff is his hobby, he's got a big sweet tooth that is out of control sometimes, more like all the time (he likes brownies with icing, with the ratio being 1/4 brownie 3/4 icing), he has this interesting smirk that I think looks evil sometimes, he likes shoes, he wants to be an engineer, and he's graduating from high school!

The reason I haven't posted these pictures earlier, is because I thought I would be taking more, but I think we are done... for now at least. ;)

This is his favorite...

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  1. these are ah-mazing! plaid on guys is to die for :) i looooooove train track pictures! you are are a fantastic photographer!


  2. These are really great! How fun to have a photo shoot with your brother. :) He's good at being serious. My brother would have trouble doing a serious face haha. I bet even his serious pictures would have a hint of a smirk in them. He's so funny. :)

    Your brother is similar to mine in that he's always hungry and making things is his hobby. Pretty cool. My brother will graduate next year.



  3. ooooooooooh these are great pictures!!!! AWESOME JOB!!!:)

  4. Your family is really good models and your pictures are really good! :)


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