I made coffee for the first time. (Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe)

Today, I made coffee for the first time. Some of you avid coffee drinker out there probably don't believe it, but it is true... I used to not like coffee, but I think I am growing to love it.  You should have heard me, I kept on asking my mom, "is this right?" "now what do I do"... I clearly had no experience...  I found a recipe on pinterest for Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte, since I had heard a lot about how wonderful they are at Starbucks, I thought I would try it.  RANDOM FACT time: I have never EVER been to a Starbucks before... Close you mouth. I know, I know, awful right?

So, I made the latte... and it was pretty amazing.  It was super easy and was a wonderful treat to spice up a normal school day.  I highly recommend trying out the recipe.

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  1. so pretty, Jo! love that first one. :)

    lots of love,

  2. i'll make a deal with you. when you come visit i'll take you to starbucks for the real deal if you make one of these for me. mkay?

  3. The photos are wonderful! I love how you captured the cinnamon in the first one!!
    My favorite product at Starbucks (and pretty much the only thing I really ever get) is their carmel apple spice! *drool* It's sooo yummy, even though it's just apple cider with whipped cream- and maybe a hint of carmel sauce. It's amazing what whipped cream can do to a drink. :-9


  4. I'm not big on coffee either. And I've only been to Starbucks maybe three times. Haha I do like coffee when it's sugared up I just can't handle the strong flavor without sugar and cream. ;)

    That drink looks fabulous!



  5. I've never been to Starbucks either, so I guess we're both on the same boat. ;) What a coincidence, I made the exact same recipe yesterday for my afternoon coffee. :D Though I may have added too much pumpkin to the recipe, I thought it was still pretty good. Lovely pictures, btw!

  6. *Gasp gasp gasp*

    I've never been to Starbucks before, either!!! hahaha but I would like to go someday...

    And I'm dyin to try this recipe soon!


  7. Ah! Just today I was searching for a recipe for this. This looks so delicious!

  8. i pictured this whole blog post you whispering to us that you found this recipe on pinterest...this starbucks recipe....hheheheh i'm gonna go have to check er' out. thank u:)

  9. Ooooowa, I am trying this out soon! I don't like coffee either, but maybe even making this for a couple of friends is ok too. :)


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