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This picture is actually from summer.

  Last night we loaded our chickens up to take them to be butchered.  My job was to get in the pens and shoo them towards the opening for my dad to swoop them up and put them in cages.  It was a workout, because I was crouched down and trying to walk... not only was it hard, but I probably looked like a duck waddling.

The last three pictures were taken this morning.  I woke up, looked out the window, and saw frost everywhere.  I knew that I had to get some pictures of it, so I braced myself and ran out in the 40 degree weather wearing shorts and a tee shirt.  Yes, it was cold, very cold... but it was worth it.
In a couple of hours I'm going to be taking these girls portraits!  Eeks!

Have a lovely day!

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  1. Shorts and a t-shirt?! Girl, get a jacket on next time or somethin' don't want you catchin' a cold. ;) hehe

    Love your pictures. Frosts are beautiful.



  2. Awwww, it sounds really harsh... your chickens to be butchered. But anyway, the photos are lovely, I absolutely love the frost, I can't wait for winter for this reason, also winter can usually be a little bland here. Let's hope for lots of snow.

  3. Lovely photos! I love the last two especially...frost is beautiful.


  4. all of theses pictures, are like seriously, like, like so amazing, and I really love them, okay:) you will do fabulous with the pictures, girl!!

  5. These pictures are gorgeous!! Ohmyword so.pretty.

  6. so, so, so pretty! love these!
    and thanks for commenting on my blog! i appreciate it. :)

    lots of love,

  7. I'm REALLY loving these pictures!!!! Especially the cat one (of course) and the frost on flowers one! And oh my goodness, you took your chickens to be butchered?! I'm no vegetarian but just the image makes me so sad! Haha have a good weekend ;-)

  8. OH Joanna! What an amazing job on the photos! Absolutely breathtaking gorgeous! :D Keep up the excellent work!!!

    Charlotte :)

  9. Gosh the clarity of the pictures are amazing!!! I LOVE the one of that spider web. Stunning how detailed it is. We have such an amazing Creator!!


  10. amazing detail!
    quick question: what lens did you use for photos like these?
    the focus is lovely & they are all so amazing!



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