Top 5 Christmas Movies

Christmas movies... Oh, how I love them. They make the Christmas season even merrier... Don't you think? We have an abundant supply of movies, but somehow we seem to be lacking Christmas movies.  Which is sad, because when everyone comes home for the holidays, we all want to gather around in our living room and watch a few LOT of Christmas movies.  I must ask, is anyone as excited for Christmas as I am?   I just get so giddy thinking about it and all that it brings.

p.s. Do you have any movies that you would like to add?  List them away!


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  1. I am SO excited that it's Christmas-time. It's the best...and Christmas movies are the best!

    Probably my all-time favorite is "It's a Wonderful Life". Another good oldie is "Christmas in Connecticut". But I also love all the ones you listed (except I haven't seen Holiday Inn or White Christmas, but I hope to watch them this year!)

  2. I absolutely love White Christmas and A Christmas Carol!!! But I must say that White Christmas is the winner out of the two :)


  3. I've been thinking of doing a post like this too! :) my favorite Christmas movies are The Nativity and the Muppet Christmas Carol. :))



  4. This year, sadly, this whole Christmas season feels so rushed and stressed! My fam is celebrating this Saturday because we won't have time to this coming week before we head to my grandparents down in Illinois. So yeah. :/

    But anyways, my two faves from your list are "White Christmas" and "Holiday Inn". But I think my favorite Christmas movie is 'Home Alone 1'. LOOVE.


  5. ELF for the win! oh yes! I have a bunch of quotes I could quote for you, but I will keep from it;) hehe! I just saw Christmas with Holly (it's a Hallmark movie) on tv. it was SO cute!
    I also really love the classics: Rudolph, the Grinch (hehe I know you don;'t like him;), frosty the snowman, I love 'em all:) The Christmas Carol is a good one, too! I watched it all by myself in our basement, I was just a little creeped out haha :D
    I just love Christmas movies:D

  6. YES. This is perfect. :) 96% of the words that come out of my mouth during Christmastime are Elf quotes. ;)

  7. I love Christmas movies! My favorites are Elf, The Santa Clause, The Grinch and the Nativity Story. :)

  8. We just discovered The Star of Bethlehem! It's a documentary. Look it up and get it real soon! It will give you goose bumps. AND make sure to watch the "extra feature" just a little ditty about what the angels saw. You know all those wonderful carols about the angels...yep! Good stuff.


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