D.C. trip

I'm home from my trip!  It was a lot of fun and was wonderful to be able to go on.  It was a busy trip filled with a lot of walking, but the back, shoulder, leg, feet pain outweighed all of the fun that I had.  

Thursday- I woke up early to take a shower and quickly checked that I had everything packed.  I went over to Noah and Jordan's and ate some yummy breakfast before we left.  We went to the school, loaded up, then got situated on the charter bus that we would be riding in for 10 hours.  We watched some movies, slept a little, looked out the windows, ate some snacks, and before we knew it we were there.  We then unloaded our bags and went to our rooms in the hostel.  Later, we walked around the busy city looking for a place to eat supper.  We ate at Panera and let me just say, I love that place.  I might have looked a little dreamy eyed while eating my chuck of baguette, but I couldn't help myself, it was just so good!  

Friday-  After breakfast we started to walk to the National Mall.  We then proceeded to the Capital building and toured the inside of it. The big statues scattered everywhere, the large paintings on the walls, all of it was so detailed and beautiful.  We then wondered to the Washington Monument, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial.  I think seeing the Lincoln Memorial was my favorite.  Later that night we all hung out and played some pool.

Saturday- We went to the White House and some museums.  This was the day that I was sore the most.  My whole body hurt...  After going through a little part of the White house, we ate at a food court, then walked to the National Archives.  After that we separated into groups and went to our museum of choice.  I ended up going with my brother, sister-in-law, and some others to the air and space museum. By the time that we got there I was ready to sit down.  Jordan and I were so tired that we just plopped down on a bench and looked at what we could see from the oh-so-comfy bench.  Then we headed to the Portrait Museum, which I found very interesting.  The paintings were so beautiful!  We were so tired and sore, that we took a cab (a first time for me) back to the hostel.  That night some played more pool while the rest watched.  

Sunday-  We took the metro to Mount Vernon.  At Mount Vernon we waited in line to see George Washington's house.  This was the day that it was 30 degrees out and very, very windy.  We were all so cold... brrr.  I loved George Washington's house.  It was so cute and small, and about every room had a bright shade of blue, which I liked.  Later in the afternoon we went to the Arlington National Cemetery.             

Monday- We left DC and headed home.  I was so tired when I got home because of the lack of sleep that I got on the trip, but the lack of sleep was worth it.  The trip was so fun!  

A pretty church that I saw on the way to DC
Noah and Jordan
Group picture

Morning stretches :)

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  1. Wow! I'd love to visit DC someday :)
    looks like you had a lot of fun!

    xo Emma-lee

  2. Looks like you had lots of fun! Can totally relate to the walking=soreness thing. Groooaaann.... it's really painful :P Worst part of field trips.
    I love Mount Vernon! The house is so gorgeous. Loved visiting that place when we traveled around VA and DC a few years ago :)


  3. Gah! These pictures are soo cool and I loved reading about your adventures. Sounds like you had a blast, I want to go to DC so badly, I sorta love history, it'd be so cool to see all those places!!

  4. Looks like an absolute blast! My sisters got to go there in September with their class and the 9th grade class and my sister Megan, as I was telling her you went to D.C. was like, pointing to all your pictures, "Oh, I went there! And there! And I got my picture in between those two posts..." haha Hopefully the rest of the fam can go someday! I've never been there!!!

    Glad you had fun!


  5. I'm so glad you had a good time!!! I know exactly what you mean about being so tired of walking and just wanting to sit down - I've experienced that in D.C. sooo many times :) And when we went to Mount Vernon we were wearing shorts and T-shirts, and it was freezing and raining... So I can totally identify with your trip :)

  6. Gorgeous photos! I love how you captured the sun rays beside the Lincoln Memorial. I love D.C.! I remember when I went, I had miserable blisters on my feet and an extremely achy body. So worth it though! :)

  7. yay! the post is up!:)
    looks awesome! love the pictures:D

  8. awe, i haven't been to DC in ages!
    lovely photos :)

  9. I have never been to DC. looks like you had a good time ;)

  10. Great pictures! Looks like so much fun!

  11. so glad you had fun! i totally love the black and white picture <3
    Julianna, www.myladybakes.com

  12. Ohhhh I miss DC so much! I lived there for a year and a half but moved back to Wisconsin in September. It's such a beautiful city, isn't it?


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