10 things that you may or may not know about me

You May or May Not Know That...
1. My birthday was on May 7th.  It was such a good day filled with antique shopping, "happy birthday" calls, making food (My meal was pretty amazing, if I do say myself), opening gifts all through the day, eating, and watching a movie.  Yes, it was a good day. *smile*

2.  I have a deep love for donuts.  I think they are petty amazingly wonderful. Oh, and just to put you straight, glaze is the best. ;)  One sad and almost embarrassing thing is, that I've never made donuts.  You would think with how much I love to bake and how much I love donuts that I would make all homemade donuts from scratch, but no...sadly...  I have made it one of my goals for this summer though, and I am determined to complete it!  Do you have any donut recipe that you would like to pass on?  They would be very much appreciated!

3.  I call my mom "moo" 90% of the time.  Yes, moo, sort of like a cow; although, to my defense, I do not extend the o's out as long as an actual cow does.  Please don't ask me how I ever started calling her "moo", because I really have no idea.

4.  I ask for beef jerky for every Christmas and birthday.  Yes, I love it that much.

5.  I like painting my nails, but I get really annoyed when it starts to chip off.

6.  I now own the whole series of I Love Lucy.  Yes, I'm very proud to say that I have all 9 season of I Love Lucy.  Oh, how I love that show. *sigh*

7.  I love looking at wedding magazines. Although, mostly just because I like looking at all the pretty photography.

8. I found kittens!!!!!!!!!!!  More on that later... :)

9.  I signed up for Bloglovin' since GFC is leaving us. :(  There is a follow button on the side if you would like to continue getting updates from this blog!

10.  I just ordered my new lens yesterday!  I'm over the moon and very anxious for its arrival... So excited to have a lens picked out after tons of research.  Now, after I get it I want to take a few more senior pictures of Isaac and Lydia, then Jordan wants me to take some family pictures of her, Noah, and Joseph.  I'm excited for all this picture-taking.

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  1. Hey Jo! What lense did you order? I have the same camera as you and have also been looking at new lenses, and I would love to know which one you got!

  2. Well happy belated birthday! I'm glad you had a lovely day. Lol! I call my mom "madre" quite a bit, idky, maybe cos dad is Mexican an so it's weirdly fitting to call my white mom Madre....hehe. I Love Lucy!!!!! YES!! Oh, what kind of lens? I just got a 55-200mm and am still sooooo excited about it, all the research really paid off! :)) I really want to try a Diana lens so,entire, they're pretty cheap and I love the photos they take. Anyway, lengthy comment, I loved this post!

  3. Happy belated birthday!!! I so desperately wanna keep following you, but I don't have Bloglovin! Is there a way I can still follow you, but still be using my blogger? Thanks! :)


  4. another question jo, sorry, about following you on Bloglovin. Can anyone see my email, or is it just you that will see it? Also, what will your blog's HTML/URL be? Is it staying the same, or what? Cuz even if I dont follow you with bloglovin, i still wanna be able to check in on your blog once in awhile, but i need to know if your url is gonna change or not. thank you!! :) and sorry that i'm so technically-challenged. lol


  5. i'm soo sorry jo but i'm still not getting this totally... so you will still be using blogger? like blogspot.com? :/


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