Lucy watching, coffee drinking, and s'more eating.

On Monday, my sister Mary, her husband Cody, and babies Sebastian and Bruno, came up from NC to OH, where they will be living for the summer before they leave for Germany in the Fall....

  Most of you know that I have a love for I Love Lucy, well, thankfully I have a sister that shares this love with me (maybe just not to the same degree as I).  Tonight we were watching a certain I Love Lucy episode that had donuts and coffee that played big roles, this made Mary and I have a sudden craving for, you guessed it, donuts and coffee.  We quickly paused the episode, headed to the kitchen, where we proceeded to make coffee, s'mores, and butter/cinnamon bagels (we had to improvise for the donuts, sadly...).  After the yummy food was made, picture taking took place, as you can well see...  We then enjoyed the end of the awesome episode of I Love Lucy and the decedent and fattening food.  These kind of night are such special treats.  Now, please enjoy these very embarrassing photos of us.

Mary's "Lucy" face
When Mary got me out this mug she proceeded to say, "This mug is utter-ly ridiculous..."  haha, clever. ;)

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  1. Those bagels sound amazing! My sister and I have been watching a lot of I Love Lucy lately, since we found it on Hulu. It's one of my very favorite shows.(:
    Also, this is super random, but I have that same name mug, only with my name on it, haha. I've had it for ages and never seen another, so I thought it was kind of funny to see someone with the same mug! :P

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  2. That looks like a perfect, ideal evening.
    I love Lucy is.the.best.

  3. ya'll are adorbs, seriously!! ;) And I love lucy. truly.

  4. "I Love Lucy" is such an awesome show!! Deff. a favorite for my family too! And I want that cow mug. Toooo adorable! lol



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