Hair Accesories

Hair accessories, perfect to dress up a messy bun, a boring pony tail, or just to bring something special and new to your outfit.  I'm especially a fan of the large burettes, I love how simple and classic they look.  Oh, and don't forget the amazing turbans out there!  I have personally never tried a turban, but I love the look that they give.  Hopefully someday soon I'll try this tutorial out for them.  I would love to build up a small collection of unique hair accessories, so I'm keeping my eyes open for any little treasures. *smile*

What are your thoughts on hair accessories?  Do you have any favorites?  

P.S.  I convinced my sister-in-law to make a blog *fulfillment*.  Check it out, Home on Spring Street.

1(on Etsy).2.3(tutorial).

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  1. Hair accessories can be soo cute!! :) I lovedloved how the Olsen twins rocked the hair turbans! Sooo boho! :)


  2. I like hair accessories, though I haven't used them in what seems like a long time. Shiny, sparkly bling nestled in hair (especially curly) can be really pretty and fun, but the right kind can also be mature and classy.

  3. ahh yes I have been starting to love hair accessories more and more:)
    eep! thank you for the link to the hair turban/wrap!! I have been wanting to find a tutorial forever! ;)


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