A lot of photos of some lovely girls

Lately, I've been taking a bunch of miscellaneous, maternity, and portrait photos.  It was crazy, I took my cousin's maternity photos (on my Facebook page soon!) on Monday night and then the following night I took these lovely ladies' portraits.  I had contacted them a while back about my taking some portraits of them, because 1. I needed more practice, and 2. they are the best models that any photographer could ask for.  Anyway, after some talking and date making, they came last Tuesday.  It was the perfect night for taking pictures.  Wait, no, it was too hot... it was almost the perfect night to take pictures...  We started on the edge of our neighbors corn field, worked our way to our apple trees, then to our field.  It was a blast, and let me tell you, these photos wouldn't have turned out near as nice if these girls weren't in them.  Seriously, they are so comfortable in front of the camera (unlike others *ahem*, me) and are willing to do just about anything for a good photo.  So sit back and scroll through these pictures, it might take a while...

P.S. Keep checking back to their blog, Charlotte is going to post the photos that she took from the photo shoot.  

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  1. You've done it again Jo! Wow!
    What a neat thing to have been your practice models, to have lived on the other side of these incredible photoes, and to have done all of the fun, goofy, and serene poses.
    Thanks so much for having us over!


  2. JOANNA!!!!!!!!!! can you hear me squeal from hear???? Lololololoooovvvvvveeee!!! Best job you've ever done, EVER!! I'm seriously (SERIOUSLY) dying! :DDD

    You're SUCH an awesome photographer!! I can't wait till I'm as good as you <3


    1. P.S- I might or might not be changing my profile picture(s) again very soon.... ;)


  3. THESE PICTURES GIRL YOU ARE AMAZING. *passes out from the amazingness of these pictures* *picks self up again* these are so stinkin' amazing. I'm swoooooning over the lights and the sunflare and the lighting the perfect golden hour the colors just WOAH. You are so good. your work. brilliant.

  4. These are Amazing Jo! #6 is perfection XD

  5. These pictures are fabulous, Joanna! Your best yet! Your friends are beautiful and have an elegant grace to them. These pictures look like they're right out of a storybook.



  6. As my sisters have already said, these photos are AMAZING!!! They turned out fantabulously lovely!
    Thanks again Jo, for such a lovely time!

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  7. These photos are gorgeous! I just love the whole feel to them.(: I can't wait to see Charlotte's pictures as well!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  8. gaaah!!! these are absolutely stunning. so so beautiful. xx

  9. I love these. cornfields are one of my loves. I kind of have to since I am from Indiana and everything. really lovely photos!


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