road trippin'

Right now we are currently in Amish Country (Holmes County) on a little weekend trip.  Hopefully I'll have a post up on Monday with some decent photos.  These were taken with my computer because someone (me) forgot to bring the cord that connects my camera to my computer....  Anyway, don't these photos kind of look like they have a iphone sort of feel?... maybe not.   I promise my next post of the trip will be filled with photos of us, maybe a wall of candy, and awesome pictures of our lobby in our hotel.  Think Lime green and sequined pillows.  

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  1. Looks like fun!!! I love roadtrips! :)


  2. ohh fun stuff! have fun on your trip!
    also-does your laptop have a space for your SD card/memory card? When I first bought my camera I didn't even think of it (I only thought I could plug it in via the usb cord.) if you have a space for it you can probably just stick it in your computer and get pictures that way. :)

  3. Oh my! That photo of Isaac and your mom is weird with the reversed effect of your computer cam lol! Where's the steering wheel?! ;D


  4. oh, such fun! :) love this, Jo... road trips are one of my favorite things. ever. ;)



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