Weekend Traveling

   Friday morning we woke up and got in the car.  We all crammed in  the best we could and drove for 3 hours to Amish Country (Holmes County).  On the way there we watched I Love Lucy, and tried not to get sick with all of the rolling hills.  We went up and down, then up and down... That last half hour was hard.  Anyway, we got there, went to a couple bulk food stores, got cold meat for lunch, and sat at picnic table while we ate.  One thing that I find very interesting in these bulk food stores, is how they all have tons of candy.  This one in particular had a huge long shelf filled with different bags of candy, it was crazy... and awesome.  In the afternoon we went to our hotel and just hung out, slept, and watched tv.  This hotel was pretty strange, I thought I would take pictures of the lobby to show you all, but I didn't end up getting any.  I think you could get a pretty good picture from this though, lime green walls, sequined pillows, white leather couches, and large water drop photos on the walls.  Yes, it was pretty, um, interesting...  For supper we went to a restaurant that was practically right next to the hotel; this was where I made wax sculptures (they gave the kids them to play with, and I played with Bruno's), and ate an amazing salad filled with bacon, croutons, cheese, oh, and lettuce... After supper we drove to our Amish friend's house (we've been going there for 28 years) and sat on there porch and talked until it was dark.  

   The next morning we ate the best breakfast ever, well, for a hotel that is.  They had homemade cinnamon rolls, ham and eggs, and tons of other yummy breakfast things.  Mom and Dad went to a few more bulk food stores while us kids stayed at the hotel.  Isaac, Sebastian, and I went down to the pool that morning; and they swam while I got my feet wet and took pictures.  Later in the morning we went back to our friend's house for a little bit before we had to head home.  The drive home was cloudy and rainy, and made me really tired.  I tried to sleep, but it didn't really work...  We got home Saturday night   and even though it was a really good trip, I was glad to be home and to sleep in my own bed.

On Sunday after church we snapped beans and watched movies all day (more on that later).  

In a nutshell, this was my weekend, what was yours like? 

oh, we found an ice house too!

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  1. Oh wow, that second to last photo... <3

  2. Great pool pics!


  3. This sounds like such a nice weekend trip! (I'm kinda jealous ;)) I live right next to a similar amish town in Iowa and there's a store there, too, with whole shelves stocked with bags of candy. Isn't it so pretty and colorful?! Also: interesting hotels always make for great stories. hah.

  4. I NEED to watch more I Love Lucy's... My favorite episode so far is #39 in season one entitled "Job Switching." Ohmygoodness that one is HILARIOUS!!
    Aren't hotels just strange sometimes with their decor?! I tend to like the classy, homey types. The more modernly decorated ones are just too commercial for my taste.
    Salads with bacon and cheese are always sooo good :) I've had one before and... nom nom :9
    I love the huge walls of candy in Amish stores!! I always want to try some new type of treat every time we go to one (especially the ribbon and printed candies) but we never buy any... Sebastian looks absolutely stoked about those bags of goodies that he was holding :D
    Love your pool pictures! Isn't photographing water so much fun?! It has to be one of my favorite subjects!



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