Random pics


All but one of our cows waiting for the baby calf. (Yes, we have a baby calf.)

Here she is!  She was born on Saturday afternoon.  We haven't named her yet so feel free to give us name suggestions. :)

One of my little kitties (who is not very little), Tyty.

Happy Tuesday! :)

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  1. your cat is lovely! and your pictures are really pretty

  2. I love that first picture. It's one of those pictures that you have to stare at a little harder to register what it is. You have a great eye!

  3. You have cows???? Your so lucky! I love cows. (Replying to your question - I'm from New Zealand. I did answer via the comments on my blog but thought seen as I was commenting here why not let you know)

  4. Awww! What a cute baby cow. :) What did you name it?

  5. I think her name is going to be Penelope. Penny for short. :)


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