What is your favorite kind of donut?

Is it... jelly filled?

What about... cinnamon sugar?

Or... creme filled?

...This is my favorite...

Yep... the old-fashioned glazed donuts.  I don't like any of those jelly filled, creme filled, more icing than bread donuts.  (No offense if one of those is your favorite.)  In my house it is an advantage to like glazed donuts because nobody thinks they have enough icing.  So, more glazed donuts for me. :)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Actually my favorites are the creme filled donuts, I'm crazy about filled donuts

  2. I'm not a super fan of donuts, unless, of course, they are old fashioned glazed or maple bars! Yummm....

  3. Oh my goodness! I LOVE donuts.... my major weakness. I love the long ones with chocolate on top. Some places call them "long johns". I don't like them filled with anything. If I were to have a filled donut, I prefer lemon. Great, now I want a donut.

  4. Love jelly fills with raspberry filling and powdered sugar ontop! Those have to be my favorite! I really enjoy the regular glazed ones too though, especially all warm and melt-y... :)



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